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  1. Clodhopper

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    I've a Scag TT w/56" deck and 23HP Kohler. It starts runs 15 sec. and shuts down like I turn off the key. It ran for about 15 Min mowing. It did this 2 years ago and the shop I took got it running but didn't know what was wrong. It's getting fuel. Maybe one of the 15 safety switches??? Any help would be appriciated!! THANKS!!!!
  2. tilawn

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    maybe bad battery or short in the wiring somwhere
  3. wheels910

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    kinda basic, but check oil. same thing happened to me last year on a walk behind. I'm ashamed to say, it was very low on oil and was getting too hot.

    Fouled plug?
  4. ProStreetCamaro

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    Coil, safety switch, dirt in the carb, short in the wireing. Those are about the only things it could be.
  5. JosephLawnCare

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    did you check the fuses?
  6. Carolina Cuts

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    bad float in the carb? had this problem once on an old walk behind mower.
  7. RTR Landscaping

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    It's probably a coil going bad or possibly a short in the wiring.

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