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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jharbin2007, Mar 3, 2008.

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    i was wanting to know alittle info on what you guys charge per acre? i am in alabama, i am turning a bid in this week on two sep. apt complexes,all one job though. they are 4 miles apart one is 12 acres and the other is 5. so a total of 17 acres, it just has to be edged, weed eated, and mowed nothing out of the ordianary you know. i heard someone here was turning a bid in on it for 20k, i haven't ever bidded on something so large just trying to see the best way to figure it out on paper.
  2. How many cuts are expected on this bid?....that's going to make quite a difference. Here locally in SC, commercial properties are normally $40-60 per acre for a weekly mow, trim, edge and blow. $40 per acre if it is a weekly cut with few obstacles, slopes, little trimming, no chemical...etc. Should be able to get $50-55 acre for something biweekly with average trimming and edging. It really is all relative to the property though. I've never done a job for less than $40/acre, but I have worked several properties for $75/acre b/c of difficult terrain and few professional bids. All of my properties are 10+ acres.
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    i will need more info to answer many cuts? how much grass area?what type of equipment are you using?
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    i have a 36 wb/ exmark turf tracer and a 60 in wb same model. i went ahead and turned to bid in they wanted it on a per service cut, with the cutting season mid march to mid october. the only thing is our grass in alabama can still be cut into dec. i talk to the complex the lady stated as long as there is grass growin it has to be cut.... long story but i turned it in on 799.00 per cut alittle over 47 dollars per acre. lets keep our fingers crossed and hope i get it.! thanks for everyones help, this site is to good!!

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