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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Just for Boots a 2400 cracked body....
    Slip valve and no freezing temps....
    I will state one more time that I have never repaired a 205 cracked body....

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    What was the symptom? Leak?

    Leaking out of the lowest head.
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  6. LR-Got to be something going down where you are. High pressure? I've never had a cracked 2400 either. (Now that I've knocked on wood will probably be my theme repair) Had many other problems with the early versions though. The two most common cracked body valves I deal with are the HR-1 versions and the RB commercial PE valves.
  7. The high pressure must be a factor but if anyone wants a bullet proof valve I would recommend a Irritrol 205 valve......
  8. I agree with that for sure. Forgot to add the WM plastic valves have split on the bottom of the bodies as well.
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    all W*M plastic valves, or just the economy ones? I think they specified two different 'grades' of plastic, with the 33% glass-filled-nylon on the expensive ones.
  10. The economy ones.

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