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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. yet another cracked valve, a Toro 250....

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    I always wondered why there weren't more cracked Toro valves, when the bodies were made from ABS plastic, with those reinforcing rings around the FPT connections. Are these valves coming from systems with high pressures and/or flows? (water hammer forces)
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    I hate that series of Toro valves. The worst conceived manual bleed set ups ever... self tapping screws... at least 3 diaphragm redesigns... I rebuilt about 17 of 30 1.5" and 2" valves on one site about 9 years ago... screw-down solenoids too as I recall... major pains... but I don't remember a cracked seat in any of them.
  4. Anytime I have a weeping Toro I know it has a cracked body....
  5. Wet_Boots

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    I never installed them, and never ran into older Toro systems with many faulty valves. Replace a diaphragm or two, but little more. I can think of worse valves (starting with Flo-Pro)

    I also dislike the manual bleed on those valves. You can wait for minutes for a manually-opened valve to shut off, once you close the bleed. And using the manual bleed for winterizing? Better not try it with a truck-mount dinky - the valve will not close.
  6. The one thing I will say for this valve is that the hydraulic version will last a loooong time. The electric version has a pretty good life span as well. servicing is a headache so we tend to just cut it out now.
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    Blasphemer!! ;)

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