Cub cadet XP 50 hour review.

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by lawn king, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. lawn king

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    Having logged 50 hours on the machine i am overall quite pleased so far. Like it's cousin the lesco hps, its a well built reliable rig. The spray system works well as doe's the electric start & impeller propulsion. Its simple to calibrate, ok on fuel, tracks well on hills and articulates almost as easy as an HPS unit. There are 2 big dislikes i have on the machine. #1 draining the oil is a PIIA! #2 The on/off switch for the sprayer is very close to the on off switch for the impeller as well as the open/close lever for the hopper! Its very easy to turn on the sprayer without knowing it, and we all know how much fun that can be! I get 30,000 sq. ft of weed control per fill and the 2 tanks can be used independently. Overall, a lot of machine for the money!
  2. cod8825

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    That is good to know as I have looked into that unit for my first spread and spray rig.
  3. Snapper12

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    Having about 50 hours on the machine myself I have a few things...

    The good : It goes anywhere! With the double articulation and foam filled tires I have yet to find a hill I couldn't go up down or across.
    The boomless spray system works fantastic and have seen as good weed kills as pulling hose.
    The unit is easy to clean and grease.

    The bad: The hand sprayer is a terrible design. The coil hose constantly tangles and sits directly in front of the exhaust. The tube/product gets very hot from exhaust, and in under 50 hours is black and burnt. The reach on the hose is only about 10 feet because once you pull it out and try to get further it kinks at the base.
    I have to grease it twice a day.
    The spreader defelector is craptastic. It's true that fert hits off it and falls straight down even in the off position. With the third hole closed and the deflector down it still throws about 2 feet + to the right.
    You can independently turn off the right nozzle but not the left or middle.
    When you turn the power off on the sprayer in continues to spray for 4-5 seconds.
    In under 50 hours I've shredded two belts.

    The fact is though the benefits out weigh the bad. I am going to add a way to turn off the center nozzle because I've found that I can ride down the middle of a sidewalk and edge both sides perfectly but I'm also spraying all down the middle of the sidewalk.
    I have to figure out a better hand sprayer with a longer hose.
  4. lawn king

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    Agreed! The fuel tank is small as well, i can run about 1.25 hours full tanks/hopper on a tank of fuel. My hps units are lighter and have smaller rear wheels, they will go 1.5 hours on a full tank of fuel.
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    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    I got a T with the coil hose same thing always tangled and kinks off in 2 different places when pulled out

    Charles Cue
  6. Scarlawnturf

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    Snapper12, Check your pulley alignment for your belt shredding problem. If you saw my post in "Pesticide" about my idler pulley disinegrating, I feel that my engine pulley may have been out of alignment and that may have caused it. When I took everthing apart, the engine pulley fell to the ground, as the set screw was not tight. I think it fell down slightly, throwing alignment off. My unit was two years old with approx. 100 hrs. plus or minus on it.
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    King - so what volume are you putting out per K using all 3 nozzles?
    If you get 30K sq ft, that would be 1/3 gal/K right? Divide that by 3 nozzles and you get a pretty small volume per K out of one nozzle. This to me would equal a pretty fine mist and I wouldn't be comfortable with that. What nozzles are the stock nozzles on the thing? What droplet size are you observing?

    I am mildly interested in a unit like this so thought I would ask.
  8. americanlawn

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    1) Oil changes -- install a "Drainzit" hose. Costs about $15 on ebay. We installed them on all of our T's, and no more mess.

    2) Coiled hose issues -- you can switch to a "braided" hose to solve the kinking problem.

    I like the XPS/HP cuz it manuevers well due to it's hydrostatic tranny. Doesn't compare with a T, but it's better than a PG. my 2 cents
  9. GreenI.A.

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    who did you purchase your XP from, I'm not going to shell out 7k for a triumph and was planning on picking up a slightly used PG
  10. lawn king

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    R F morse in wareham ma.

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