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  1. A property we have been repairing with the 3" main and over 500 spray heads, had one last section that I could not get working. The property owners asked if I could get this last part of the system working. The system had been down for almost 5 years when I looked at it earlier this year. Today we started on one of the final repairs. We did some digging and found a 1 1/2" and a 3/4" line that had been capped just as it went under a 40'+ drive.

    We found the lines on the other side of the drive, so I cut the lines and used my fish tape to see how far we could get and it was about 5'.

    my partner cutting the asphalt...

    we find the cut 1 1/2". No wonder it was not working, one end capped and the other side destroyed and about 30' of 1 1/2" missing....

    We ended up cutting the entire 40' drive and re-piping over 40' of 1 1/2" line and reconnected the system.

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    Good job man!! He works and you take the pics. My kind of job. Just kidding. But good detective work.
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    Why didn't you just bore with your rotowitch?
  4. This one was driving me crazy, I could not figure if I was missing a valve since all the wiring had been cut many times. I finally decided that there must have been a capped line and started digging.....sure enough there it was.
  5. Gas and power runs right under the drive....
  6. Who fixes the asphalt? Do you guys manage that part?
  7. We will patch the drive on Friday. We will cut and patch another drive on Friday and repair a 3" main at the same site.
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    If you were me, I would have dropped a 2.5" sleeve in on that repair.
  9. I was thinking about it but it was only a lateral line and no wires go in this area, so I did not feel the need for a sleeve on this repair. If it was a main or wires then I agree it would have been sleeved...
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    the Bandwidth Police wanted me to mention the possibility of creating some 'chatboard versions' of the half-meg photos. Like this, or even this one, if you had a lot of them to post. (I'm on dialup tonight)

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