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    I purchased a Stander RH 52 yesterday but have not yet taken possession. The serial no. is 45560. In what year was this unit manufactured? To me it looks to be a bit older than what I was told by the dealer. This is my first Wright mower.
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    We built that mower in July of 2008. The newer models have the evap systems for the 2011 EPA/CARB requirements, black vinyl and black rims with slightly larger tires, everything else is basically the same.

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    Thank you. The hour meter showed 7 hours but the engine housing was faded and the Kawasaki decal was loose.

    I called the dealer a short time ago and told him that I wanted the Stander X 52 with 24 hp engine. I think this is more in line with what I need.

    I have been running another brand mower since 1993 so this will be a change. Thanks again.

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