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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ProCare Lawn Service, May 31, 2005.

  1. ProCare Lawn Service

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    All right, the other day I was cutting the grass at a customers lake home.( He was not there.) I came across a dead armadillo with maggots all around it. I did not pick it up, move it or anything. Just left it rotting. I thought to myself this is not in my job description and this customer is consistently late paying bills, he can deal with it. (Usually 2 months or so behind on payments.) Am I right for not removing it? What would you do?
  2. South Florida Lawns

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    I'm always running over dead things yuk. If I saw it I personally would not deal with it, and just mow around the thing.
  3. 1MajorTom

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    The dead armadillo is not the problem. The late payments are. Not trying to be a "know it all", but you need to step up and demand you get paid sooner. You deserve your money, you did the work, they need to open their wallets on a timely basis. As for the armadillo, I agree with you. I wouldn't touch it either. I see dead birds frequently in the yards, I NEVER mess with them, and I won't run them over either, disgusting.
  4. ProCare Lawn Service

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    When I can afford to I will drop this customer, but for now.... And the guy is rich!
  5. Lawnaholic

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    I would've done the same thing. I also have the same problem with one of my customers but not with dead critters. It's with dog duke!!! LOL. I don't pick it up. If it's already hard, I mulch it, soft, go around it...
  6. mbricker

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    Procare, try to keep in mind that no matter how rich a customer is, the only portion of his money that benefits you is the amount he owes for your services. And Friend, if he is delaying payment to you 2 months, that portion should be causing you some concern.

    Maybe the armadillo could come in handy here. Hide it somewhere where he will be sure to start whiffing the odor. Like the shrubs by the door he uses most. Then call and tell him you noticed a bad odor somewhere that "I would have been glad to investigate and take care of for you, but I am a little short on cash because of delinquent payments from some customers, so I had to hustle on down the road to take care of a customer who always pays promptly."

    If he doesn't take the hint, move the armadillo into his BBQ grill. Next time he decides to cook out, he will wish he had been more willing to start treating you right in order to receive the highest level of service you could be providing. :p :p
  7. Lawnaholic

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    mbricker, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrriallant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll have to remember that incase one of my customer's start to lag on payment. LMAO on your idea...
  8. ProCare Lawn Service

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    LOL! Good idea.
  9. out4now

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    LMBO thats a good one!
  10. wojo23323

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    We do not pick up anything living or dead, or anything that came from either of the above.

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