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  1. Will do ... I hope to order it tomorrow ... I just had a pretty major back surgery (5X spinal fusion), so it may be a while before I get it installed, but I am looking forward to it.
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    If that's your situation, then I think you made the wise choice with the puffer.:)
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    Fuzzy don't know how close you are to Maryland but if you could get your mower here I could lend you a hand on the installation. Sounds like you need it more sooner then later with your back situation.
  4. I really do appreciate the offer, however, I'm in the Chattanooga area, and I don't see such a trip in my immediate future. hehehehe

    The back is getting better ... just VERY slowly ... sometimes the day starts out feeling pretty good, then, all of a sudden I can barely walk. They fused 5 vertebra and installed 2 sets of parallel rod & pins, plus 12 of what they call "cages". I just have to wait for everything to heal and readjust to this new alignment. By the time the soft tissues all completely heal from the procedure, the fusion should be complete, which they are saying will be about 6 months. That's a LONG time to lay in bed, doing very little activity.

    This is why I was asking sooo many pesty questions about the options regarding the seat mods. I have to get the softest ride possible. I won't be riding this thing again till spring, but, when I do, I want it ready.
  5. I spoke with Mark today, and came away convinced the Puffer was my best choice ... due to my uncertain ability to resume normal activities, he was very generous with the grace period for any potential return. Couldn't ask for more than that ... ordered it a few minutes ago, and can't wait to receive it. I will definitely keep you folks informed as to the progress. Thanks for all of your feedback !!!
  6. WOW !!! I got an e-mail from UPS today ... my ZTR Puffer will be delivered sometime TOMORROW !!! I hope my back agrees with my enthusiasm for getting this thing installed ... I won't be able to use it for at least a few more months, but I can't wait to find out what it feels like. The back is feeling a bit better, but I'm still not supposed to lift anything more than a gallon of milk. Go back to the Dr. for another evaluation next week ... maybe that restriction will be modified or removed ... I can hope !!!
  7. O.K. ... my Puffer came late this afternoon ... didn't know if I'd feel up to installing it, but I HAD to open it up and check it out. Unit SEEMED to be very well packed with rolled up sheets of foam along all four sides. Pulled out the packing, and lifted the unit out of the box ... uh-oh ... something was loose in the box ... actually, a few things were loose in the box !!!

    The unit is controlled by a typical automotive 12v. relay that plugs into a socket/harness ... the relay was out of the socket and floating around ... no big deal ... YET. When I pushed the relay back into it's socket, I noticed the position of the fuse holder wasn't even close to the picture in the manual. They made a nice little package out of the relay socket & fuse holder by gluing them together into one nice, neat unit. I removed the relay socket to look at it, and noticed the fuse holder had been broken away from the relay socket. Scraped away all of the old adhesive ... mixed up some epoxy ... clamped it up for 30 minutes ... good as new.

    Upon further inspection, I found the pump was dangling within the confines of the base ... it seems they chose to mount the pump by using some of those little thingies that auto makers use to hold trim panels in place ... the little plastic gizmos that have ridges on them that look like tiny Christmas trees. Pressed the pump back into place, and all seems to be well.

    I reinspected the box in which this thing was delivered ... no sign of abnormal damage, yet I'm certain all of these minor dings were a result of harsh handling by UPS ... all of this could have been done by one fall where the box fell flat on it's bottom. None of the problems were significant enough to either file a claim with UPS or return the unit for a replacement ... just a few minor inconveniences.

    Got the sliders mounted to the bottom of the Puffer, and the seat loosely installed on top of it ... then, my back started REALLY aching, so I put it away for a day or two till my body says it's ok to continue. I will say the unit seems to be very well constructed overall. Pump, relay, fuse, controls ALL look like they will be easy to change should the need arise. I'll let you know more as the project progresses.
  8. A buddy of mine came by today, and we got the Puffer installed ... WOW ... what a difference in ride !!! I can't stay on it very long due to my back, but I mowed a little area for my dog to do business, and the ride difference was incredible. Unfortunately so was the ride height. Now, I could live with this setup just as it is, but, always trying to tweak things just a bit, I have an idea or two in mind, and would appreciate some input. As always, thanks in advance for your thought & participation.

    1) .. The factory has six small plastic spacers between the seat and the sliders ... they are about 1/2" thick and maybe 1 1/4" in diameter ... they have two in each front mounting location and one in each rear ... my thought is to remove the rear two, and take out two of the fronts ... leaving the seat's position such that the front is still about 1/2" higher than the rear.

    2) .. The sliders are mounted to two cross brackets which are each mounted to a pair of anti-vibration mounts ... if I remove the rubber mounts, and flip the cross braces over so the reinforcing lip is now on top, I figure I can lose about another inch in seat height ... with the softness of the Puffer seat, I don't see all that much benefit from those mounts .... any thoughts to the contrary ???

    Neither of these options are non-reversible, so I can try them & see just what happens ... just checking with the wisdom of the group to see if it is worth pursuing.

    If I can lose 1 1/2" overall, it will be pretty close to stock factory height, and I can always play with the air pressure to get it down a bit more ... I'll have to find the sweet spot where it is firm enough not to bottom out, yet as soft as possible in order to keep the height as low as possible.
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    Sounds like you're on the right track. You don't really need the ISO mounts with that seat, but they do help with back slap etc. Try it like you described it and see how it works for you. If you had hillsides to mow, you'd want that seat down as low as you can get it. My insert kit only raised my seat height by about 2-2.5", but I can tell a difference in the hillside capability just from raising the COG only that small of an amount.
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    Fuzzy I adjust my air pressure according to the ground conditions. If I'm doing hills I drop all the pressure and get the seat low. Under normal smooth lawns I run it about half way up and on rough lawns about 3/4 full. I also utilize my legs in conjunction with the seat to help absorb the rough sections. I love the adjustability of the Puffer on the fly.

    Funny I came home yesterday afternoon and the wifey had the Gravely with the Puffer out and was cutting the field . First time she's been on the mower since the seat was installed. The seat was adjusted to my weight, and with her on it she was sitting high. She drove over to me and I showed her how to adjust the bladder for her weight and she tore off to finish. When she got done she commented that with less air in the bladder it was a nice soft ride and gave it her thumbs up. Thumbs Up

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