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  1. Who is doing green industry web sites?
    Any paticular green industry web site you like.

    Just don't have the time to re-do my own site so will be outsourcing my site design to somebody.

    I had the same desing now going on 4 years. Time for a change and update.

  2. Rex Mann

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    Here is a website we just had done.
    We only do pavers and retaining walls.
    It still needs some tweaking, but it is almost
    where I want it to be.

    What is your budget?

    What will be the purpose of your site: generate leads,
    allow clients to manage and pay their accounts or both or informational only?


    Rex Mann

  3. Rex, Lets just say I don't feel like spending a whole months pay but I putting it somewher in the few C notes range.
  4. Rex Mann

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    EDIT: I changed about posting this here my mind and sent you a pm. ^^;


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