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  1. Heard a sales pitch by Bushman rainwater harvesting systems. www.bushmanusa.com

    Interesting topic unfortunately it poured all day yesterday and we couldn't go outside to look at the two setups he had on a trailer in the parking lot. I support the effort but I just don't see how you could get enough at a typical home set up to really make much of a dent in supplying it to the irrigation beyond hand watering pots beds etc. Now if you could bury some monster size tanks that would be a different matter. If it was me I'd have the rain water used in the house for showers, clothes washing, etc and get bottled water for consumption use. The tanks need to have an alternate source to avoid running dry which uses an air gap back flow protection. Didn't hear the whole conversation but some cities will not allow that type of set up. The gutter set up is intersting because the first initial flush of water gets siphoned off to avoid the dirt and leaves then a ball rises up diverting the water into the tank.
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    March 08 issue of Irrigation and green industry had an article in it about harvesting rainwater.The tanks they were showing were so small ya would be lucky to water one roti from them.
  3. Seems more like feel good hobby stuff here than a real need yet. Other parts of the world have been harvesting out of pure need for centuries. He did say that they have been shipping huge order numbers to GA, NC, and that general area for obvious reasons. So I guess if they shut down irrigation as Kiril predicts this is another alternative livelihood.
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    I think it would be a growing market for million $ homes with 2000 gallon tanks.
  5. The new fad among the rich is building eco friendly homes to alleviate their guilt. I think this can really play into that market.
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    "It is imoral to let a fool keep his money"
  7. Correct the spelling quick before Leary wakes up.
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    ROFL -> shhhhhh, you might unleash the beast.
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    I think it's a great idea. But I know we had mentioned it before that there is some rule/law/ordinance here that we cannot harvest or keep what comes off our roofs. so I assume that means all rainwater. Stupid rule IMHO. Runoff water is supposed to be allotted for the downstream users apparently - other states than our own. Maybe that's why Lake Powell is drying up.

    CS Utilities also enacted a new fee in the last year or two. There is a certain amount of fee that their customers pay due to the amount of hardscape or impermeable surface (roof included). The more you have, the more you pay. The more runoff you have means more water into the waste water system that is struggling as it is. Sorry utility organization.
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    Link is company that was quoted in article, interesting stuff

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