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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bill--bls, Sep 12, 2002.

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    need some input. I have a job plan that call for dig drip systems,
    i've never used them, local suppler carries but not much infomation on them. amy input will be helpfull.

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    How abou getting approval for a substitute of Netfim if its more available or youknow something? Their design book is great.
  3. Bill,
    As with Netfim, dig is an original California company. These to brands are used exclusivly by local almond, orange groves in your area. They do have a good rep, until they expanded into the Home Depot, Orchard Supply Hardware ect...

    They do make some good products and they are available. If you are more familiar with NetFim, Ewing Irrigation carries there product. I know they have a location in Bakersfield, in the old part of town by the C.H.P. office off of hwy 99.
  4. bill--bls

    bill--bls LawnSite Member
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    Harold and John

    the architect--designer wants dig, does not want to try anything else. Ewings does not recomend dig, carreis next to nothing in this line and no prices. I was hoping someone had used this product and knows if it is good or bad, can fine nobody local that has used it. hate to install something I'm not sure of.

    thank you Bill
  5. Bill,
    I forgot the suppliers actual name in your area, but they are big on Dig products. They are suppose to be a national supplier specificly for the Orchard industry. If I can come up with a name, will e-mail you. If your going toward L A, their coprate hedquaters are located their.

    I'm suprised that the architect calls only for Dig products. Though I have used their products before, Netfim is a more proven and more readily available product in the lanscape irrigation industry.

    Any company that has roots from Israel as both companies do, they're going to have excellent drip components.


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