"Dinky Pipe" Lateral for Pierre

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. PurpHaze

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    Just for you Pierre I took some pictures of a "dinky pipe" lateral line repair today... it's only a 3" lateral. :)

    Actually, we were out reconfiguring a zone so two new portable classroom buildings can be brought in. We dug a couple of potholes to keep checking pipe sizing and thought we had it figured out here since it was 3" pipe. Problem was that the main lateral directly from the valve (finally found the valve under a semi-permanent room access ramp and it's totally inacessible) went undetected as we have no asbuilts. We had to backtrack to a tee about five feet before this in order to figure things out. And.... of course... we had to put the dinky pipe back together. :laugh:

    Oak Grove 3-inch Lateral Line IV-01.jpg

    Oak Grove 3-inch Lateral Line IV-02.jpg

    Oak Grove 3-inch Lateral Line IV-03.jpg
  2. I'm touched.:clapping: You have 52 posts left before the big 50 and retirement. I want each to be of this quality.
  3. Dirty Water

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    3" slipfixes.

    Thats a hefty price for a investigation.
  4. PurpHaze

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    Money's never been an object when it comes to these portable classroom projects. "Git 'er done" is what they want to see. :)
  5. 47 posts left purp.
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    3" spears slipfix runs $17 bucks over here, picked one up yesterday

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