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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J&J Customs, May 6, 2008.

  1. J&J Customs

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    Im needing a good 22" and not wanting to spend a great deal on it and i was doing a little research and i came across a Dixie Chopper WB22 starting at $499. It leads on as if it was a commercial grade, does anyone know the specs on these or even anything about them?
  2. TandM

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    Never heard of them Looks like you need to but=y a ztr. Or at least a commecial grade walk behind. A little low on cash then buy a used one. I would not even bother with dixie there are way better brands out there. toro exmark scag which is my favorite. Cut great and make a wide variety of mowers. Good luck
  3. tb8100

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    they look like junk.... Buy a Snapper.
  4. J&J Customs

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    right now ztr is useless on my yards im mowing acre and below except one account where i mow 3 acres. plus im low on cash.... Dixie Chopper WB22 = $499... Snapper CRP2160KWV = $829
  5. tb8100

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    Compare apples to apples. That Dixie does not have the FJ180V like the Snapper. It has either the Briggs 6hp or 6.5hp engine. Look at a Snapper with the 8.75 series Briggs (7hp). They sell right around the $500 IIRC.
  6. J&J Customs

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    not bad im partial to briggs myself ive always had good luck with them im a little hesitant to try another brand
  7. J&J Customs

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    so emailed dixie chopper and im not to impressed what i got in response, heres the actual email:

    me: I was wondering if you could give me some specs on the WB22.
    dixie chopper national sales administrator: I really do not have much more then what is listed on the website…

    so after reading that i then went back to the website and looked up and down for more info on it and pulled up the chart i had a million times before that only gives the engine size and deck size nothing at all about the mower. im wanting to know if its a self propelled or what and what the deck construction is like such as the guage of steel and if its side discharge or mulching or both.

    WREBELMACHINE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Go to sarlo's web site they are the one who make it for Dixie!
  9. retrodog

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    Its really cool looking and it mows good! A guy at brought a craftsman push mower to the shop that he paid $500 for!! It had electric start woo hoo! I think the $499 is the manual, and the $599 is self propelled. The $499 looks alot better!! Right now if you buy a mower I think you can pick to get the push mower for free (among other options)
  10. J&J Customs

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    k went to sarlo and one of their mowers looks like the wb22 and its specs are...
    Engine: Briggs & Stratton ; 2 year warranty
    Cutting Swath: 22"
    Classic Deck: 13 gauge steel, side discharge
    Front Wheels: 8" x 1.75" steel, ball-bearing
    Rear Wheels: 16" semi-pneumatic tires; ball bearing hub
    Mower Weight: 87 lbs.
    Shipping Weight: 99 lbs.
    Shipping Carton: 37.5" x 24.5" x 17"

    what you think? id really like to have this with a mulch kit but maybe i can get a plug for it if i do go ahead and buy one

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