Do you guys mow diagonals, or is is too time consuming?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by zo6, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. weeze

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    some lawns that are rectangular i always mow in the same direction every time. i'm not gonna mow 10ft and turn around and go back and forth like that all the way down the yard lol. if a yard is square i change it up.
  2. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I alternate my pattern every cut, up, down, left, right, and diagonal.
  3. zo6

    zo6 LawnSite Senior Member
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    how can it take the same amount of time?, your turning around probably twice the amount of times??
  4. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    you are right it will take longer
    short way is always longer time but does look good at times
  5. topsites

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    Lets have an understanding...
    Most of my yards only get that perfect manicure look once, maybe twice a season.
    It's not that they look like crap the rest of the time but it only works out that way about every 4 or 5 cuts and
    by then we're deep into May and the temperatures are getting hot and I'm telling you right now, if you don't want to fry
    a lawn you better lay off the striping some once it gets hot because striping is hard on the turf.

    Go ahead and cuss me out now.

    But if you want to save time what you do is cut the exact same pattern 3-4 times in a row,
    then alternate the next cut and presto, you have diagonals.

    Truth be known I believe you can experiment, alternate every other cut might work as well (but it still takes 4-5 mows).
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  6. Richard Martin

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    Diagonals take longer because you spend more time turning. As to whether it looks better or not, that's up to the customer. Some people don't want their lawn all marked up with stripes.
  7. Robert Pruitt

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    How do you think you are turning twice as many times? you start with the first line, make your first turn for the next line,and go to the end of that one and turn. my math says thats two turns per line. maybe not.
  8. BestImpressions99

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    Technically you take less time (maybe a minute overall on a 15 minute cutting time lawn) by going in one direction all the time around in a circular pattern. But, the striping makes the lawn look much better. Also changing up the pattern helps the grass not develop a growth pattern. For instance if you let a tree grow in a windy place where it always comes from the same direction it will grow in that direction and it will be virtually impossibly to straighten.

    Same with grass (but not as dramatic to change). If you cut the same way all the time and the customer or you change it up and cut the opposite direction it will look like junk the first time through because it's thicker due to the grass normally being cut is leaning in the direction you're going. Notice if you among us that cut in one direction all the time. Cut a different (opposite) direction and see if you end up cutting more grass.

    Lends itself to be healthier to the lawn (i.e. meaning customers are happier and kept longer.)
  9. Groomer

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    I'll throw some down if the turf is worthy... don't have a blower, so that explains the driveway- kiddin', pics taken in flight.

  10. cutbetterthanyou

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    We have a bunch of that nasty crap here.It is a royal pain inthe a$$ to pull out of beds, and nothing really kills it. Last year i was in the lesco store and asks why roundup won't kill it. At the time there was a guy on the stool next to me. The lesco's guys resonse was "We are not really sure why it doesn't kill it it is a hybrid bermuda grass that has adapted to cooler weather. This guy here (dude on the stool) is actually studying it right now." Guy on the stool was from universty of md he said "We have been studing the grass and have found traces as far north as new england and it is a rhizome that we have found traces as deep as 12 feet in the ground." Good thing is they were also tring to devolp a chemical to kil it

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