Do you use these to work in cold weather James?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by irrig8r, Jan 10, 2008.

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    Electric Pants...

    Seattle Seahawks kicker Josh Brown says he'll wear heated warm-up pants in the freezing weather at Saturday's playoff game in Green Bay.

    Brown says he has equipped his pants with battery-powered heaters for the calves, thighs, crotch and hamstrings.

    Brown told KIRO Radio that no matter how low the temperature drops, as long as he does not piss himself, his legs will be 75 degrees.

    Brown says kickers, who spend most of the game on the sideline, have to work harder to stay loose in cold weather by walking around, practicing kicks or using heaters.

    The National Weather Service is predicting a 20 percent chance of snow showers on Saturday in Green Bay, with a high near 28. Temperatures are expected to dip to 17 degrees on Saturday night.
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    What a wuss! lol He needs to run around the sideline or ride the bike to keep warm.
    Holmgren coming back to Green Bay again, hope its a good game. I hope Indy and the Pats get beat this weekend. I like the Jags and Chargers but all I can say is ................GO PACK GO !!! Sounds like perfect weather for a football game... outside... the way it was meant to be!

    Gregg, they do make flannel lined jeans!

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    Keith I know. Had a pair once upon a time... but they take forever in the dryer.

    Back when I worked as a milkman in the late 70s, I'd dress in layers with thermals, jeans, wool socks, a t-shirt, a flannel shirt and a down vest, then peel off layers as the morning wore on... sometimes a scarf around my neck even... Yeah, in mild, sunny California...where the temp. at 4:00 AM is as cold as it gets, and sometimes below freezing this time of year.
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    Heated pants give me a break! I wouldnt want the EMFs to be nuking my 'boys' all day long!

    Its called thermal underwear (Long Johns) for a reason. K.I.S.S.

    I remember visiting Bill Locklin a year or so ago and talking about working in the cold weather. I went through in detail what I wear in order to deal with wiring boathouses in the dead of winter when it can be -10 to -20 and windy off the fozen lake... He laughed and said the weight of the layers would probably make the average guy fall down.

    Give me a few mins and I will post some wacky pictures of us working on a insanely large log home on tuesday in the pouring rain....
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    What do you do when you are trying to build a log home in the winter and it is pouring rain on the electricians and lighting guys the day before the insulation truck arrives?

    Why you build an Umbrella strung from the crane of course!



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    its our dream to build a log home like that. We even discussed bull dozing our current home but will more than likley end up building down closer to our little lake or someplace different all together.

    One day

    Have any of you guys tried under armour ? Also I been trying to find the 1 piece suits of long johns and cant find em. Maybe I need to go shopping in ontario?
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    Billy, why woiuld you need anything of the sort living where you do? You must have some pretty thin blood my friend!

    Check for what you need here:

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    hey we have some fridgid days in the 30's and an ocasional snap to the 20's. Long days on the water fishing you really need to bundle up. Ashley has a goretex suit from bass pro which seems to do pretty good for her but she still does thermals under it.

    When the north wind blows it gets pretty chilly here. Even snowed once or twice for about 2 hours.

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