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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by hoylebros, Jan 18, 2010.

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    One time a woman approached me saying that there was a no solicitation policy in her neighborhood. I told her I was not soliciting as I was not knocking on doors. She proceeded to call the police from her cell phone.

    I said "please call the police as you are harassing me and I want them to stop you from bothering me."

    Well the police never came because she was wrong. I guess they told her I had the right to put out my door hangers. As long as you don't knock on the door you will be okay.
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    thanks guys, very helpful info
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    Some towns actually make you pay a small fee to pass out media. In my town, you can not solicit but you can hang door hangers. I handed out maybe 1,000 2 years ago and got a handful of new customers and a few one timers. Hope to do 5,000 this year and gain 20-30 new customers. Door hangers are very hit and miss.

    My best media ever was "My name is blah blah and Im 16 years old and have been mowing your neighbors' lawns for several years now." Seriously thinking about doing that flyer again and seeing what kinda response happens but I know I wont...
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    What a piece of crap, you should find out where she lives, and put a doorhanger that reads "no soliciting" on her door. :laugh:
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    I just ordered 1000 door hangers that should be here in a few days. I am hoping to atleast pick up 5 new customers from this.
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    Do you guys find that door hangers are equally as effective as postcard fliers? Or are one of them better. Also what do you guys put on door hangers?
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    I've noticed the response rates posted here and would have to agree that .5%--1.5% will be what you'll get.......if. If what? If they can be perceived by the general public as a company that knows its stuff. You need to use 4-color printing, perfect/fresh grammar, and keep it as uncluttered as possible. Ever seen a door hanger that had so much text on it that it was a hassle to read? This needs to be avoided.
    Of the calls you get, treat them like gods. Just because you get 10 calls does not mean you'll close a sale on 10 calls. Your sales prowess must be an A-game effort.
    One other little gold nugget for you: if you're going to pay someone to distribute, make sure they know that you will follow up with calling random houses to verify that you delivered prior to getting payed. This is what the yellow page companies do because so often they will hire people to distribute 1000 books, just to have them chucked in a dumpster by someone who was lazy. It is very easy for someone to do this with your door hangers. Be careful, and have a prosperous 2010.
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    I just got a quote on mailed cards: 15,000 sent 4 times in a packet of other cards for $3360. Cards mailed by themselves were significantly more ... depending on quantity the price ranged between $1-2 apiece. I have had no luck with door to door canvasing so far.

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    BNC Lawn Care,

    Those look very sharp. Who designed them for you?
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