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    Has anyone tried using E85 in their exmark mowers?!? we just had a new gas station open up in our town that offers it and i wanted to know if its safe for my mowers or not. i dont know if engine make and size matters but they are 26 hp kohler EFI, 28 hp Kohler EFI, 12.5 hp Kaw, and 21 hp Kaw. Thanks
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    well i know in vehicles there is about 20% less fuel economy and less power generated per gallon, and in some places it's higher than regular gasoline.
    --ethanol also loves to absorb moisture , so if you keep it in a can, such as 2 cycle, mix in a fuel treatment with it
  3. Langford2000

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    I wouldn't use the e85 if they were mine. Most engine manuals say not to use more than 5 - 10 % ethanol. Carbs aren't properly jetted and your engine could run lean.

    Hope this helps
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    Even the Kohler EFI engines aren't made to run on more than 10% ethanol. I really think Kohler should do something about that as I wouldn't mind running E85 once in a while.

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