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    Way behind on pictures. From this last spring. Just landscaped front of house. Irrigation was already in place from the builder. Will be doing some improvements on the coverage this year.







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    Put this one in at my parents house. Parents have always been campers so they wanted something rustic like the DG and a fire ring. I wanted to level it out on top of a boulder wall at the bottom and have a stone slab or two, but mom was concerned about grand kiddos... (More of that later.)

    Did the DG, Fire ring, rebuilt railings and recoated all deck surface and railing. Have one guy on my crew who is good carpenter and myself. We had to teach some carpentry on this job. We used a kit insert on this job. That's what mom wanted, I was thinking more cinderblock, firebrick and flagstone. But she saw it, liked it and thats what she wanted. Saved her a little money by doing it that way.








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    Was just trying to remember why we painted and then rebuilt the railings... The railings were added towards the end of the project.
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    You are a better man than me nick. I have a bunch of pictures I could put up but there's only so many hrs in a day. We are ridiculously busy right now. Or at least for this time of year.
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    You notice it's been 6 months or so since the last group of pictures... Back to work tomorrow. And when I say that, I mean I just finished writing some more estimates tonight. More to write tomorrow and Tuesday as well. Things are really about to pick up. Will post pictures of the next upcoming job soon. Good size commercial install. Fairly neat landscaping. Minimal as far as bed size. But got some neat aspects to it.
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    Well I'm working on route sheets so I can head out in the morning to Tyler and work.
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    So right now is basically y'all's spring & when things get going?
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    No January is my "calm" (if there is such a thing in this industry) before pre-emergent and then spring. (We've been staying busy and fairly lucrative with installs. There's no mowing to be done right now. But my mowing crew can help us on landscape installs and irrigation jobs we have lined up. (Mostly commercials this time of year. Working for construction companies that have been building all summer and then landscaping has to happen in November - February. Finished a car dealership, finishing up the irrigation on a police station right now and starting a church project in the next 3-4 weeks. Some homeowner stuff to fill in the blanks along with additional work for some of our mowing customers.

    You have to remember what's growing season temps for you guys up north (i.e. this next week) won't be enough to wake our warm season grasses out of dormancy. All warm season grasses are brown and dormant until later this year when we start getting more warm days. No fescue or K. Bluegrass here. Some places overseed with ryegrass for the winter but thats about it.
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    I'm not a huge fan of timbers for retaining walls. But it the customer opted for that over the price of a pavestone wall... I'll be curious to see how long one that is properly installed on base rock, proper drainage and gravel lasts. The last one was pretty rotten when we pulled it down. Of course it was laid on native ground with no aggregate base and no drainage or gravel.
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    Helps to actually attach the pictures. Don't have a before picture from the same angle, but you will notice a small greenhouse in the last picture. The second to the last is where that greenhouse was, when we were finished. We installed the wall in July. You'll notice after pictures were just taken the other day. I have got to do a better job with taking after pictures.

    Anywho, don't think it turned out pretty good considering we had #3 cross ties to work with. #1 or #2's would of been way better.






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