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    So far so good. Can lift more weight and has a higher pin height than the dingo and the previous sk650's. So far I have been very pleased. We take delivery on our pallet forks and our last 10' of boring stem that we have been waiting for. Need the ground to dry out so we can put it back to work. With higher temps in the forecast, we should be in good shape soon.
  2. ETPRO

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    Phone rang off the hook this week as soon as the sun came back out after seems like 2 weeks of rain. Have the church that I posted about previously about to crank back up, 3 irrigation systems and a full landscape and irrigation install. Thought I would share some before pictures of the full install. (Think I may have put a picture of it before, but didn't have brick/stone on it at that time.)



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    Sun out and everybody getting their tax return money back. Always good for business!
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    I have not been getting on here much, so I am sorry far being late but CONGRATULATIONS on the son!! I hope the mother and him are doing great.
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    Thanks! They are doing great. Just trying to keep him fed and clothed. Already pushing 20 lbs at 4 months. :dizzy:
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    Trying out posting a pic via mobile... The SK750 (she doesn't have a name yet.) done with some grading on Friday. You should of see the superintendent on the job and my friend the dirt contractor when I unloaded this thing. They were laughing first of all and then thoroughly impressed with how fast I had everything fine graded. It's really easy to smooth out the grade when the tracks hardly put any pressure on the ground...

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    Good to hear how fast it grades. I need to show this to dad, almost have him convinced :)
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    Your work looks great. You may have already gone over this but any reason you chose the 750 over the 755? I've got a 650 and I love it I'm just wondering should I decide to upgrade. Is the price difference pretty significant without the turbo?
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    At first I really wanted the 755 but after hearing the 3000 reasons, I decided the 750 would fit my needs just fine. I don't know about the 650 (never have used one), but I have really enjoyed my 750 over the dingo and bobcat machines I have rented. The hinge pin height and added weight capacity being the 2 biggest features.

    In regards to the turbo, trenching is our most demanding task we have put on the hydraulics to date. I have been really pleased so far. Trenches plenty fast, plenty of torque (we bought the high-torque trencher attachment). It also bores really well as well. I'll have to post a video of that.

    Would like to get some more attachments, but that will be in due time.

    As far as upgrading from a 650, I don't know if there is enough pros to merit the expense. However, If you were looking to either add a unit or to relieve a high hour machine I would highly recommend the 750. (or 755 if you can warrant the $3000 extra dollars.)
  10. ETPRO

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    I might add. If you are needing something with lots of ground pressure. I.e. to cut the grade, I don't know if this would be the best choice. It certainly won't replace a full size skid steer. After shooting the grade, we found a spot that was a little high. I used the dirt guy's kubota mini-hoe's backfill blade to cut it down and then clean up with the DW.

    It was perfect though for coming behind a D5 and 316 excavator to prep everything for seeding. Would probably go faster with a harley rake, but I felt good about the machine with just the standard bucket. I also don't think a full size skid loader would of done as well as the DW on this particular job, since the slope is 1 to 1 in places.

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