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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by greenmonster304, May 1, 2012.

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    I miss the old days:

  2. Boots Buckner used tailpieces without washers for a long time. The washers were a screw up anyway. They caused the head to hang up more. Find a moody head.
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    If you can get a photo of the Hall tailpiece, you can compare. I know that Moody bodies did have the washer, and a cast top like the Buckners. It wasn't until Royal Coach came into existence that they started with the no-washer design, with a thinner tailpiece that would fit the modern sch 80 PVC nipples.
  4. Still waiting on that moody but I'll get Henry to send another pic. You have some responsibility to produce evidence and not compare the hall head to an imaginary head.
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    I would apply Occam's Razor and conclude that all of the Hall equipment had a single source, especially noting that the popup head had a nozzle that was not a Buckner. I only installed a handful of the Moody popup bodies, and I know I have none of them in my cache of brass goodies.
  6. Ever seen a RB head with an irritrol nozzle? The bottom line is you are wanting your occult razor theory to be treated as an absolute with no corresponding evidence.
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    I see no evidence whatsoever that ties the Hall equipment to Buckner. You could just as easily claim that the popup bodies were Rainbird.
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    If you are thinking about the notches on the top of the head that a spanner engages, so what? Name one brass popup head that does not have those notches. Moody brass bodies had the same cast lettering that you see on a Buckner body. Rainbird bodies also had the same look. Nothing you can see in those photos makes the Hall head a Buckner product. The Hall nozzle is definitely not a Buckner product.
  9. Show me a moody. The RB can be tossed out because they had a different stem and popped up higher.

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