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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by etwman, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. etwman

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    The pattern is simple, its herringbone. Stop watching birds and start studying hardscape manuals.

    We ran string lines all over the place and it met up. The key is knowing how to run lines in this situation.

    The country club used an excavator they were comfortable with and we worked well together. They'll return in a few days to hot patch around the edges. When the stamped concrete came out it tore the edges, it was inevitable.
  2. mrusk

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    Did the excavator rough in the base?
  3. etwman

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    No I put it on clay Matt, I was thinking woodchips but they we went with clay.

    Yes they roughed in the base and we fine tuned it. They did it to my exact specs and did a really nice job with it.
  4. deere615

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    Wow thats alot of pavers, Nice work!
  5. etwman

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    They jacked the concrete out, dug out and removed sub base down 18", and stoned the base in less than 3 days.

    BC 11.jpg

    BC 12.jpg
  6. mag360

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  7. dura to the max

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    your work amazes me. that is awesome. you've come a long way since this thread was started.
  8. Matt k

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    Looks like 2 3/8" pavers to me???? 3" would have been a better choice King Jarod :)

    I'm guessing no large deliveries in this area?
  9. etwman

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    Beginning next week they are not allowing delivery truck traffic to go over the paver areas, only cars. The trucks have to use another access area so 2 3/8 were okay. This decision was confirmed with EPHenry reps as long as the base was deep enough we were good. In addition the customer wanted the true OTC look, which as you know, isn't available in 3".
  10. oakwdman

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    not trying to veer this thread in a different direction but How has the 6.0L in the 550 been doin'?

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