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  1. Programming doesn't solve crappy cheap chinese equipment failures.
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    And that has what to do with the SMT? Are you saying there aren't any standard controllers that are junk .... or is this just the beginning of another one of your asinine rants?
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    asinine rant meter clearly points to you dude.
  2. mitchgo

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    jeez dan.. I will read the manual just not now.. I mean it's 10:05 and I just got home, calm down now bud!

    Thank you for your information though, I really appreciate it.

    I agree my boss should have helped set me up a little more with this but it's more then HO insisting on this controller then anything. We told him we don't install these controllers thus don't know much about them. This guy is just weird.. 5 zones with maybe 1,400 SF irrigated.... I told him the ET won't be entirely too beneficial for him

    I personally don't like ET on residential .. particularly on less then an acre lot.. With the WM- If I set up a multiple program with zones programmed according to micro climate, plant type , slope, soil and sprinkler type -Along with Month to month Budget % pre set in. No doubt in my mind I'm doing 99% of what that ET could do.. If not better
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  3. Since we are on the subject Henry passed on some sl info to me. Says they've made some programming improvements and he likes the new weather station they've come out with. Discovered that the sl8 has a smaller transformer and can lead to some weird wiring fuse blowing issues. Best to stick with the sl16.

    Im with you Mitch. I'd rather have customers with espm and wired in rf sensors than the et controllers currently available in the same price range. Now upgrade to an internet based that i can monitor from my office or home and id be more inclined to go for it.
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  4. Kiril

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    If you are using those settings in the WMSL (with exception to the budget), you are using ET.

    What good is a rain sensor if you get no rain?
  5. Wet_Boots

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    gives birds something to poop on
  6. Kiril

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    Or the squirrels to chew on. One might even go so far as to say that if your rain gauge isn't a tipping bucket and the controller can automatically adjust run times based on amount of precip ........

    ...... but then that would be a "smart" controller .... and we can't have that. :rolleyes:
  7. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    That's my beef with the DumbLine (among many other things). It doesn't record rain fall so it's just guessing at how much rain actually fell on the site.
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    One thing I don't see controllers being capable of, is "knowing" when a prolonged drought begins drying up the surface layer of soil from further below.
  9. Kiril

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    While it doesn't record actual amounts, it does have an interrupt threshold (like most disc/cork rain sensors). That used in combination with the manual setting of hours to suspend tailored to the site is better than a simple suspend irrigation while raining. An actual recorded amount of precip. and subtraction from accumulated ET is how all rain sensors "should" work .... but again ..... that would require a "smart" controller and we can't have that.
  10. SoCalLandscapeMgmt

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    LOL... I was just giving you a hard time Mitch.... it was 2:30am or so and I was up feeding the baby.... and a little cranky......

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