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    I am wanting to put all my expenses and income into a excel work sheet so I can see my expenses and income, to be more organizes. I am clueless how or what I should have in it.
    I was wondering if any body had one or something similar that you may used. If you would be willing to post it on here or email me a copy.

    Thanks in advance for any help or input.

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    The free simple start won't do all that, it basically just lets you keep your customers and invoice them
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    STROKE - don't over complicate things. Create a new Excel doc, make two pages one for expenses and one for sales/income, and start recording. It does help if you enter sales/expenses in the doc as you get the items rather than collecting and doing en masse. It also helps if you categorize your expenses into tax categories that your tax program like Turbo Tax will accept.

    This said, I turned my acct over to Quickbooks Pro for this upcoming season and I can see it will take a lot of the monotony out of bookwork.
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    I use Excel spreadsheets. I have a tab created for each customer which includes all their contact info, dates serviced, amount of money owed and a column for invoice # which I mark when I recieve payment. I keep a separate document for all of my expenses. My wife set it up so it keeps a running total for each individual customer and a total amount for all accounts. It also does the same for expenses. At the beginning of each season I print out a blank sheet for each customer and put them in a binder. After each day I log in the amount and date serviced with any notes. Every couple of weeks I will input the info into the spreadsheets.

    I was going to pick up quickbooks at Costco a few weeks ago. If I had employees and a larger operation I would of got it. I don't think I would of used half of the features on it. Being that I'm not as computer literate as most people I will have to keep doing it the way that works for me.
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    Thanks everyone for your help and input

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