Exmark double-banded drive wheel belts.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by apache23, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. lawns Etc

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    V Belts for less has cross ref charts on the site put in Exmark part number and you get the exact belt. I dont care how long a belt is as long as its the correct one. Thats too much time and energy Im too busy to save couple dollars by taking all that time. I get lots of belts for various equip from them w no issues
  2. apache23

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    Is it vbelts4less.com?.....cuz if it is,I can't find a cross-reference chart.....I feel like an idiot right about now......maybe i should just fork over the 142.73 for the 2 belts. Just bought a new Kawasaki motor for my metro HP and a tranny for my Snapper 36 inch WB,so I'm kinda broke.....Not to mention I drive a diesel that gets 10mpg.....y'all know how it is I'm sure!
  3. apache23

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    Never mind....just found it and it doesn't have the 1-413341 that I need. Thanks anyway.
  4. reath1

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    Run down to the dealer and pick up the belt that fits...measure it and walk out. Or buy it measure it and return it. It's not the easy answer you were looking for but to save that kind of cash I would do it. I'm all for supporting the local guy, I do whenever I can but it has to make sense. And if you can save that much on a couple belts...
  5. lrbaer

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    Your Belt / Cross Reference search "413341" found results...

    OEM NAME OEM # VBelts4less Cross#
    EXMARK 413341 A56

    Part # Item/Description Price Each Buy Now
    A-A56 A56 - A-SECTION BELT (4L580)
    1/2” X 58”

  6. Richard Martin

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    That's a single belt. He has a double banded belt. I also wouldn't buy those Chinese belts.
  7. lrbaer

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    Sorry was thinking the length would be the same.
  8. lawns Etc

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    I use those belts a lot and have never had an issue.
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  9. ashgrove landscaping

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    Just buy the exmark ones ya cheap skate. Serve your equipment right. They las much longer and are perfect to spec with a warrantee.
  10. southgalawns

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    I gotta say that I agree that brand name belts last longer
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