Exmark hydro parking brake.

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by toby, Mar 25, 2002.

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  2. Shadetree Ltd

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    They look pretty easy to install but the newer exmarks seem to have a notch cut out of the rear frame which the brake uses, I do not know if the retro kit brakes need this or not. All 3 of our TT are 3 years old and they do not have them. After looking at it on a new machine at the local dealer I have three ordered and cut a deal with them so they can install them for me. They were less than $150 cdn each.

  3. TJLC

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    I just ordered mine last week for my Viking. I'll call today to see if it's in yet. I think Exmark said the cost is about $100.00. I'll probally just let my dealer install it for me.
  4. TJLC

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    I called today to see if my parking brake was in and they said it was put on backorder. Who knows how long that will take.
  5. TJLC

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    I got my parking brake in and installed a few days ago. (dealer said it was not a real fun job). I have to say it ranks right up there as one of my best investments to date. It holds my Exmark Viking solid on my trailer. Thanks Exmark.

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