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Exmark Stripes

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by xJesta, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. xJesta

    xJesta LawnSite Member
    Posts: 3

    Just a little something an exmark can do. Wouldn't trade the mower for the world. its a Lazer Z 27 HP Kohler Engine with a 52" deck The lines are a little ehh... but hey i suppose it was a good try. Good thing it was on my own lawn.[​IMG]
  2. mcwlandscaping

    mcwlandscaping LawnSite Gold Member
    Posts: 3,164

    that is SWEET, ive tried that but my stripes seem to straighten out towards with each additional pass!
  3. xJesta

    xJesta LawnSite Member
    Posts: 3

    you can see at the far right of mine they start to get straighter good thing the lawn ended.. i should post pics of the front lawn. Normal likes but they look SHARP. Exmark striper kit works GOOD.
  4. waterboy1

    waterboy1 LawnSite Member
    from AL
    Posts: 122

    Can you post a pic of the striper installed on your mower. Been thinking about getting one.

  5. TheLawnBarber

    TheLawnBarber LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 539

    Looks good man.:clapping: :clapping: I'll post some of my Exmark stripes this Friday on my largest lawn with that same pattern.
  6. LawnmanJ

    LawnmanJ LawnSite Member
    Posts: 34

    Looks very nice....Keep up the good work

    THEGOLDPRO LawnSite Fanatic
    Posts: 5,223

    is that your yard or a customers??? becuase if i did some swirly ass lines like that on any of the places i mow i'd be fired, haha
  8. Idealtim

    Idealtim LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 939

    I can hear the customer bitching already, ''Your worker was drunk, look what he did to my front lawn!''
  9. xJesta

    xJesta LawnSite Member
    Posts: 3

    nope hahaha thats my own yard.
  10. K c m

    K c m LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 442

    "now hes smoking a blunt and stairing at it"

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