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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by millenium_123, Jan 23, 2008.

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    I asked about this before but nobody answered my question. I'm wanting to know about how much to charge for fertilizing? I normally just charge like $10 to put it out on the lawn with a spreader. It only takes about 10 minutes. Is this too cheap?
    Also I raised my prices last year on most of my lawns. I really had no complaints about that. Would it be too much to go up again this year? I just feel that I don't charge enough, especially considering expenses and all. Gas especially, I think it will hit $4.00 a gallon here this summer!
  2. You need to look at your overall costs and what you want to make to know if you need to raise your pricing. Start keeping a close record of all of your reciepts, your route, and repair expenses etc. Then compare it with how much you are bringing in. You may be surprised to find that you suck. You may be surprised and find that you are really profitable. The research I have seen is you should expect about $32 to $35 a man hour in the Lawn field. In that you have insurance, Wear and tear, replacing equiptment when needed, labor, taxes you have to pay etc. You have to add your supplies what ever they are and the cost to get them and deliver them to the client. If you are not doing these things you may think you are making money but be fooling yourself. You can only run your equiptment into the ground for so long before you eventually go out of business because of bad money pratices. But you may find that you have hit the jackpot in the way you are working and in that case congrats. You need to plan for growth and you need to always have Winter on your mind because it is coming fast no matter what time of year it is. Does anyone else know a good man hour price for this guy?

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    Ten bucks? Do you always work for free? Have you seen fertilizer prices this year?
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    I charge at least $5 / 1000 sq ft. yard. with a min. of $30.
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    That is a low ball price if ever I saw one. cost of fert (as a low volume buyer) is about $2.00/1k. It's gonna go up some more too. At $30, you would do a 6k property? That's nuts. Your material cost alone would be $12, and figure it could go as high as $18 soon. Gentlemen, please, do some homework! Get some recent prices!
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    Geez - slow down whitey, I said I "start at" ... besides it depends on the "program" the customer signs on for.
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    Its no wonder why some guys can't make it in this business!
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    That website is to busy, it hurts my eyes to look at it.

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