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  1. duckworth

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    l installed small 3 zone system with mostly mp,s .system is feed with creek water 65 psi l put a 1"disk filter and its not filtering nothing out all mps are plugging with organic material. filter has nothing in it when l check it .did l put it together wrong,backwards, should l use mesh filter instead
    thanks ralph
  2. mitchgo

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    MPR rotators were made for water conservation.

    Since you installed your system from a creek water conservation doesn't apply as if it was city water. Why the hell did you use mpr's???

    Yes you should use a mesh filter. A few guys on here should know which model to use for this app.
  3. Wet_Boots

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    Creek water for MP Rotators is dumb - redesign the system to use Maxipaw impact heads.
  4. keep the filter and replace the MPs. Find a small rotor with 1/2" thrds to replace the MPs.

    Maybe these
    You could try the RB rotators and do a nozzle switch. Not sure they'd be much better.
    Maxi paws are what I'd use in a dirty water application.
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  5. AI Inc

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    Screw the small rotor, they suck. Put in pgp,s or 5004,s with the biggest nozzle your gpm will allow. If its a view flow filter , use a #24 mesh.
  6. You'd know more about that than I would. didn't know the small rotors sucked that bad.

    My only thought was he needed a 1/2" thrd to replace the popups with.
  7. AI Inc

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    Ask Dana , Im sure he will be happy to give his opinion.
  8. Wet_Boots

    Wet_Boots LawnSite Fanatic
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    As much as Maxipaws suck, from a viewpoint of durability, and from being susceptible to anything getting into the container, they can handle crappy water better than anything else out there, and require minimal filtration. With impact heads, the filtration is more about protecting the zone valves.
  9. Kiril

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    :hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead:

    See highlighted section.
  10. duckworth

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    l should of explained design better, two flower bed zones with 15 foot wide lawn wrapping around flower bed.l didn't't realize mp's were so bad l have had success with 2000 &3000 they allow me to shrink the amount of zones l need which saves me money in labour and material.but what l am really interested in is a model of filter that is good for filtering organic material .not crazy about mp 1000's

    thanks ralph

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