Finally figured out my deep well issue. Easy Fix

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by nayr, Jul 9, 2012.

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    Since Memorial Day weekend I have been trying to get a deep well up and running that has been dormant for many years. The only purpose of the well for me is to water the yard with future intentions to put in a permanent sprinkler system. So I had one well contractor that came out and said he was familiar with this particular well from when he used to service it for the previous land owner. Said the pump went bad so they hooked up to rural water. Well I decided to have him set a new pump and storage tank and get it going again. From then until now I have had no success in using the well any length of time. It would work for a little bit then it acted like it ran out of water. I asked him if he had any notes from the past that showed how much water the well "made" and he pretty much told me to not worry about it and there is plenty of water. Well this situation persisted until this last week when I had another well contractor come out and check it out. He checked the well using compressed air I think and told me it "made" 22 gpm. So he was positive that it wasn't running out of water and that it was something else. The first guy didn't install a pressure gauge so this guy decided that was the first thing to do so we could see pressure readings. The pressure gauge was stuck on about 40 psi and the sprinkler was barely squirting water out of it. I told him this was the exact example of what was happening. It would spray perfect for a little bit but then would taper off like it was starving for water. When you shot the water off and turn it back on it squirt just fine for a half a minute or so and then down to almost nothing. After some head scratching he asked me if I drained my hose after I shut water off and I don't. Apparently moss/algae was growing in hose and getting caught in the screen to the sprinkler. I took the screen out to the sprinkler and it works perfect. Have been water for 6 hours straight with out a single issue.

    I don't know why we didn't think to check on that screen from the start. Naturally assumed it was something major instead of something simple. Very happy its fixed but kinda frustrated at the same time.
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    Glad you're up and running. Don't feel bad, it's real easy to go to the "dark side" in situations like yours. I've gone down to jobs where the crew had twenty different possibilities of what was wrong, only to find a simple fix.
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    I got called onto a jobsite for a consult about a year ago because the system "lost pressure." System had 70-80 zones etc.... there were 2 engineers, and 2 irrigators from the company that called me (system was new and under warranty). I asked if the DCVA had it's annual inspection, and it did... and it normal fashion the tester did not re-open the iso valve all the way.

    It is funny because it happens to all of us. I have more head scratching stories than I care to admit, but it is always funny when you figure it out.
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    True. My crew was always pissed when "dad" had to show up and found the problem right away. It's not that one is so smart, it's having a fresh overview that usually solves the head scratchers.
  5. The most common well duh is the water meter not being open all the way. There is something pretty common with old Dallas water meters that have the gate valve shut off. To open them all the way you turn to a stop then back up and turn some more and it stops then back up etc. course I'd go out and see that meter and know immediately what the problem is that nobody could figure out. Month later or so I'd get a call from the same person complaining about a jump in his water bill.
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    One of my first questions to HO's is, "Has a plumber been here lately?", when low-flow problems are reported.
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    My wife thinks I am totally weird right now. I am so pleased to see the well working right and water squirting from the sprinkler that when I get home from work I jump on my golf cart with a cold beverage and just watch it spray. There truly is some great satisfaction in seeing this thing work without watching my water meter spin.

    I have lived in a city all my life so finally being out in the country on my own little piece of heaven is total gratification.
  8. Weird on Dude!

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