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  1. I've pretty much run out of interesting shots. Been there done that got the pic. Well Henry provided some excitement with this 1.5" moody. (We're desperate here) I'm guessing this thing has been in since 70-73 (Age of the neighborhood) It has been serviced at least once. How do I know? No insulation left on the wire. I used to service these but tracking parts down has gotten to be such a pain we cut them out now.





  2. I may have been censored for something very minor. Any comments Michael?
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    Why couldn't Moody make a better diaphragm? I think they sold those valves to Nelson for awhile.

    How do the solenoids hold up?
  4. Can you find the modification made to the valve by a previous service tech and why? The solenoids hold up great until they lose all their insulation and start touching each other. Not a totally bad diaphragm. Used to be cheap to repair and the seat lasts through two or three diaphragms. I would give this valve a B+++++ as a grade.
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    Stainless steel bolts? Can't really say since we don't service old brass valves we come into contact with... they get replaced.
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    Speaking of SS... we deal with a lot of old QCV systems. The original Buckner/Royal Coach "single slot" or "two piece" QCVs had brass bolts/screws that held the upper/lower sections from unscrewing. Some would come out after spraying with a loosening agent while others would just snap in two. If we're replacing an upper seal and are lucky enough to get the brass bolt/screw out in one piece then a SS one goes back in. All newer QCVs have SS in them from the start via the manufacturer.
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    Awsome pics pete!

    almost 40 years?

    ::backs out of thread::

    nice work/pics as per usual!
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    Maybe it was Nelson on their own, making the valve, and screwing up the diaphragms. Separation near the beaded edge was the usual fate.
  9. The rounded hex head bolt holding the seat has a slot cut into it. This was to enlarge the previous slot. Occasionally you would get calls on this valve not shutting down. Take it apart and calcium/crud had blocked the three slits on the bolt so the repair was to saw a hacksaw blade across the top.
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    Nice workaround. The ones I saw had a slotted plastic cap instead of the slotted hex nut.

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