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  1. horsequick

    horsequick LawnSite Member
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    How many other firefighters are on lawnsite that do commercial mowing? I know there's different schedules such as us down south and you norhtern guys. We work 9 days per month. Who else mows on da side?
  2. SamTheLawnMan

    SamTheLawnMan LawnSite Member
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    I'm here to say that lawn service is my main job and firefighting is my part time work...LOL Seems like when I'm at the firehouse on my duty day is the only time I get some rest. As hot as it has been I look forward to those duty days(unless we're busy). :blob2:
  3. fireguyva

    fireguyva LawnSite Member
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    FF in VA. Time at work is definetly a break!
  4. firefightergw

    firefightergw LawnSite Gold Member
    from Texas
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    DITTO TO THAT!! And if this thread turns into another, "firefighters should not do lawncare and should let all of us guys make a living" thread, I swear I will blow a blood vessel.
  5. horsequick

    horsequick LawnSite Member
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    That's SO funny because I do the same thing. Im at one of the HOTTEST firehouses in inner city Memphis....and when I go to work it's to CHILL. I've been on for 13 yrs now. Yeah we have our bad days but for the most part Im at the firestation sharpening blades or SLEEPING!!! LOL
  6. horsequick

    horsequick LawnSite Member
    Posts: 131

    There was really a thread like that? Ah....screw 'em. Can't STAND jealous peoplel.
  7. Jordan River

    Jordan River LawnSite Member
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    Hey now, all you firefighters, ESPECIALLY the one from Memphis need to QUIT MOWING LAWNS so the rest of us.....uh.. PO(or)licemans can make a decent living!!!!
  8. firefightergw

    firefightergw LawnSite Gold Member
    from Texas
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    Jordan....You know what policeman and firefighters have in common?

    They both want to be firefighters. LOL! Be safe buddy.:drinkup:
  9. TrpD345

    TrpD345 LawnSite Member
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    Thats funny, because where I'm from all the Squirts want to be TROOPERS!
  10. Turf Cutters

    Turf Cutters LawnSite Member
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    I am full time firefighter. My wife runs the lawnmoing business and I work for her. We are running two crews right now. I retire in five years, so I can mow full time. lol

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