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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JB1, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. My first six cylinder truck I've ever bought, usually got V-8's or diesels. This is a 2012 F-150 XLT the ecoboost engine and it seems pretty peppy.

    2012 truck.JPG
  2. SLMGT

    SLMGT LawnSite Member
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    How does it pull?
  3. TuffWork

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    From what I know of the ecoboost, it seems like you won't feel much difference from your usual V8s.
  4. BigJon

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    My mom has one and really likes it. We pulled a small stock trailer with it the other day, it did ok, but you could tell it needed a little more lead in its britches.
  5. Randy G.

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    I pull my dads New Holland LS170 around with my ecoboost. It is very impressive. Pulls better than anything that is not a diesel out there. Pulling my 20 foot bass boat it never down shifts unless its a really steep grade bridge. Buddy with a similar bass rig pulls it with a vortec. Down shifts on every hill.
  6. 93Chevy

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    Looks like a pretty nice truck...for personal use??

  7. no it will be for the business, i've got other trucks if I need heavier pulling.
  8. gibbonsballer10

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    The ecoboost engine has more toque and horsepower than the standard 5.0 v8, therefore it beats out the 5.0 v8. And, it reaches peak torque at only around 1500 rpm.
  9. LindblomRJ

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    I am impressed. That looks sharp.
  10. i can already see myself gettin in trouble with this thing.

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