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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by eddy13, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. eddy13

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    I have handed out 350 flyers in 3 days....waiting on results.
    I am getting 350 more of all it cost me nothing! I printed one up, using the computer. Then a friend copies them up at work for me. Sweet!
  2. eddy13

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    no calls today:mad:
  3. T.E.

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    Hello everyone, I have been following this thread on flyers because I could use some more high quality customers,and want to get the best response rate for my investment. So I have been checking around on flyers,door hangers,direct mail,etc. Good thing I checked because in my town door hangers are illegal they say you are advertising that someone isn't home. So just be sure to check with all the local laws to be safe. :(
  4. tiedeman

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    check with you county or city first to see whether you need a "Peddlers Permit."
  5. GLAN

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    talking about mailboxes

    I provide a lawn application notice. We put it in the mailbox, top folded so it is seen outside the box

    Only once did a mail carrier offer his nonsense regarding the mailbox. My reply was. I have a legal obligation to flag and notify the client that an application has been made. The mailbox is the most obvious place to put it and make sure it is brought inside and looked at.

    The guy agreed, and now I do his lawn. Been doing it for 12 years.

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