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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by waterboy1, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. mow2nd

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    By the way, dont ask me to post my flyer, because I can't. Lawnsite has blocked me from really helping out other people with my Flyer.
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    Actually Jason.. I think its the negative, snide, holier than thou answers from the "Big Shots" that make us new guys sit back and think. I welcome them myself.. maybe I can pick up something from them by reading between the lines so to speak.. because God knows that you wont get their "super secret marketing tips" out of them.

    By the way.. your logo is nice man! the only critique I can give you is what was said before.. Make the print bigger, and a few other little tweaks, and I think you will have a good flyer..

    I wish you luck this season.. Im in the same boat you are.. starting my second year, and Ive got the wife and kids to support too!


  3. mow2nd

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    OK, for example, make a flyer that offers a one time service. Tell customers that your going to send a crew in their area tomorrow and will be doing some mowing. Give them a flat price, have them fill out your flyer, stick it to their door to confirm service and mow their all the time.
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    Keep with it Waterboy. For some reason us old guys are still looking at the same flyers being posted on here to get ideas. Just hoping something new jumps out at us I guess. I have used the same flyer in the past and got me all the business I have today. I still need new business though. Just like everyone on this site. Anyone that says they don't want knew business is crazy. Someday all of the people we work for will die and we will need to replace them somehow.
  5. echeandia

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    Waterboy, I am far from a bigshot and am just starting out like you. Maybe I have a different goal then you and therefore see value in spending money on where it will pay off.

    Regarding the piece of your post that I clipped above, I would ask you to point out exactly what was so offensive about what I said. All I said is that it wouldn't make you look special when compared to other LCO's.

    You should be looking for both positive and negative feedback. If all you received was positive feedback, how would you know what to improve? Good luck with your flyer.
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    Not bad but add the Area Code to your phone number you don't want something so stupid to prevent someone from calling...
  7. waterboy1

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    Here is a slightly revised version. Also, these will be bulk mailed to certain areas that I pick out. So, I guess this isn't really a flyer, sorry.

    echeandia: Sorry for the post, I guess from seeing Garbage posted and then reading where it looks like I don't want to spend the money to get it done right kinda got to me a little bit. I just don't have the money at the present time to get it done professionally. Plus it is the first time trying to do one of these.

    mow2nd: Why has Lawnsite blocked you from helping others out. I thought that sites like these were for information and people wanting help with things that relate in the lawncare field. Thanks for the ex. that you posted. I'll keep that in mind.

    Ric3077: I thought about the area code, but in my area, my current area code is about an hour radius and more than what I would want to do. Thanks for the advise.

    Thanks Again

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  8. mow2nd

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    cause i said that i have a flyer that helps me generate like 10-20 new customers everyday i put them out.
  9. Runner

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    Way too redundant. You have 2 lines that are completely wasted. The first, "Trimming". What is that??? The second, is all the "cleaning and blowing of the sidewalks, decks, and all that jazz....
    you want to say it more directly and a stronger message? Just say professional mowing. People are going to KNOW then that the trimming and walk blowing is going to come with the service if you are a pro. If YOU have to repeat this,...then you are in a caliber of unsurity. Also, forget the "trimming hedges and shrubs" gig....This just in....Hedges ARE shrubs. Instead, say Shrub and Ornamental Care. See what that does? Because I'll be quite frank with you....I'll be DARNED if you think you're going to come in and "shrub trim" some of my ornamentals. Get rid of the "we pride ourselves" gig if you are going to have "reasonable prices" in there. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't even have "reasonably priced". You need to push more pro...Perhaps something like Competitively Priced would be more suitable.
    Also, shorten up the whole vacation/band camp story at the beginning. yiou devert too much from the main idea - taking people just a little too far away for your purpose. Touching on it is one thing,...but like I take the reader too far away. You are NOT advertising cruises. Keep them more focused. they will give YOUR main idea less thought if they have to come back from some story like that. Hope this helps.
  10. waterboy1

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    Great info, thanks again for helping me with some suggestions.

    Now that is funny, how did the four smilies at the beginning of my first post get there, I don't remember putting them there, I wasn't even mad. LOL


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