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  1. hey guys- today i had a guy tell me he wants me to clear 30 acres of land. i have cleared land before, that is not what i want to know about. what i would like to know about is when i sign a contract with this guy, i get a copy of the wetlands permit, and what else? i know i get a copy of the contract signed and dated and everything. but what other paperwork do i need (not including 1/3 down payment standard) now this is 30 acres of land. (6) 5 acre building lots. i am gonna give him a price upwards of 75,000 dollars. but how do i know what to cut down? in the past when i cleared land it was, cut everything down, or just cut down the smaller stuff. i kind of looked at it today and there was a good amount of larger trees. i will also get a survey map. but how do i know what trees to leave, what to cut down, where not to go past, etc. i know that if i go into wet lands and cut down trees in there i am looking at at least a 5,000 dollar fine. so what do i do? cause i really dont wanna have to be going around with a walking stick every day to figure out that i have to cut 20 feet more in this direction.
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    The developer should have a site/grading plan that shows the limits of clearing. May even have all of the major trees located and ID'd on it. This would give you a good idea of how much timber is coming out of the site which might be salable or gives you an idea of how long you'll need a chipper to grind it all up. The limits of clearing line should be fairly easy to follow.
  3. now when i actually go and do the clearing, this price is for just cutting down the trees, chipping the brush, leave the wood, dont touch the stumps for any less than 4,000 an acre. normally do builders have us remove the wood or do they take care of it? i can easily call up a logging company and have them come and buy the wood from me. but in normal conditions they take care of the wood or do we? again, i have cleared before. however all the stuff i have cleared was swallowed by the chipper. this stuff here is not gonna be eaten by the chipper. and also a site plan, how will i know where to stop? it is very nice that it will be on a map, but unless there is some form of physical marker there at the site i know my guys and i will just keep on cutting. in the past the contractor has just pointed to me to go to this point and that point and thats it, but that would be either a certain tree, or a rock wall, road, fence, etc. i am gonna assume i should buy a good amount of spray paint and tape. thanx
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    You can do a lot with this new setup! Attacthcing files is a cool feature too.

    Well now that I'm over that stuff.

    Lawnboy, maybe you should have a walk through with the land owner before you start work. Just an idea!

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