getting no spark from my john deere mower 757

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by stonebridge, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. stonebridge

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    bought a john deere and was leaking oil, thought it was the oil seal but ended up being just the breather gasket leaking easy fix. problem was the engine looks like its never been clean and the oil build up was bad around the engine i degreased it 2 times and still could get it half way clean. used a power washer to clean engine and put everything back together and now i have no spark at all i've followed every wire and just can't seen to find what wrong turns over just fine, ran perfect before i fixed leak really need this mower for tomorrow
    its a john deere 2007 757 25hp kawasaki 60'' #TCO757Bo65101
  2. unkownfl

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    You probably flooded the top of the engine around the coils. You should take your blower and try to blow out the top area where a recoil pull start would be on your engine. If that doesn't work you may need to take that apart and dry it off.
  3. C & T Landscaping

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    Yup, bet that power washer was the problem. Got water where water shouldn't be.
  4. Vecchio Lawn Care

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    I did the same thing wih my 757. Don't power wash around the engine. Let it sit overnight and it should start right up.
  5. stonebridge

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    power washed it 4 days ago, i figured it out i put the coils on upside down, my bad, learn something everyday,

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