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    my best friend has a 09 48 inch fastrac w/19 hp koler engine,,, he is a little disappointed,,,with performance of this engine,,,it back fires every time he turns it off,,, he is thinking on getting another engine,,,like a 19hp kaw. or just getting another mower like the superduty fastrac,,54 inch cut what would u do on this issue,,,? right now he uses it about 5 to 8 hr per week:confused:
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    I would have the dealer check out his engine and find out what is going on with it.
    If he wants to replace it with a Kawasaki it can be done also, we use the 19, 23 and 25 hp on the Fastrak and FasTrak SD series.

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    My 27hp Kohler manual tells me to shut it off at near 1/2 throttle to avoid backfire. It has a auto fuel shutoff or something. That is what causes the backfire if shut off at low throttle.Might be the same for the 19 hp I don't know.

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