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Great Dane Purchase Debate?

Discussion in 'Great Dane' started by Capt Birdie, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Capt Birdie

    Capt Birdie LawnSite Member
    from 21009
    Posts: 2

    First timer... and not terribly informed about z-riders. Trying to get a ball park on dealer cost and reasonable mark-ups and profit margins.... I not apposed to them making their dollar, just don't want it to be all on my machine...

    I have been starting the quest to seek and find the best value out there. Been to most Dealers of various mfg's...and have come to know some of the history of this industry...Scags to present.. and the changing of the guard with dealers...flip flopping brands. It is not all that comforting when you are in the market for a machine of this price range.

    I have spent some time reviewing comments of the many members of this forum...as well as the reps responses. I am looking at the Chariot Jr. (a discontinued name...I guess now it is the Chariot and LX).. I like the EFI idea, but want a 52" deck. Though I only have 3 to 4 acres to mow, I like durability and quality... My Bobcat/Ransome 48 WB is doing great, but time to upgrade.

    What should I expect to pay for this Jr. (new) and will the new 2 year warranty apply to this unit when I buy it next week...providing GD is where I end up (do like the center controls)...

    Thank you,

    Capt. Birdie...
  2. djp

    djp LawnSite Member
    from Texas
    Posts: 57

    Capt Birdie,

    We appreciate your consideration of the Great Dane products. The MSRP of the unit you mentioned is $8179.00 (52" w/23hp Kawasaki). The actual selling price varies by dealer and by area. Although price is important it should not be your only consideration. In my opinion it should go something like this.

    1. Find the product of your choice (obviously I feel that Great
    Dane is a very fine choice).

    2. Find a dealer that you are comfortable working with and has an
    excellent service facility.

    3. Work your deal and buy the product.

    You mentioned that you liked the idea of the EFI engine. This engine is only available on our 26hp and 28hp Chariot LX with a 61" or 72" deck.

    Believe me, the dealers are not making a killing when they sell a piece of new equipment of any brand.
  3. djp

    djp LawnSite Member
    from Texas
    Posts: 57

    Capt Birdie,

    It is impossible for me to know what each dealer will sell a piece of equipment for. Most will work with you to make it happen. If you are purchasing a new Chariot Jr. and you purchased the unit after Sept. 1, 2003 then it will be covered by the new 2 year warranty. I am not sure exactly what your asking regarding how warranty would work if a unit is purchased online. I am answering you via the forum because your e-mail did not come through with the e-mail. I hope this answers your questions.


  4. Capt Birdie

    Capt Birdie LawnSite Member
    from 21009
    Posts: 2


    I am purchasing the Jr tomorrow as well as a 6 x 12 trailer and grass blower to help sweeten the deal. I think he was fair, considering the unit will be a year old when it leaves the showroom floor.

    I look forward to years of uninterrupted service.

    Thank for the time and effort. By the way, your dealer Jerry Lowe, at Pioneer Maintenance in Aberdeen MD, has been super to work with and I also look forward to a good relationship with him over the years.

    Thank you


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