half days this week

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by londonrain, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. We are working half days this week....new all time high temp of 104 today with real feel of 109-110. Rest of the week 100 deg temps....
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    Gasp! Get out the blood thinner!:drinkup:
  3. local news just stated that 117 will be real feel for tomorrow.........
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    In the middle of summer (last week of July-Mid August) is our slow time here for service up north, are you still busy with service?
  5. I guess if your not use to it, people like me, kiril, Hayes get stuck working in those kind of temps(end of July 2006 was a nightmare) all the time.(it's hot in the valley).

    I guess the one thing that we have going for us is the fact that we have less humidity in the air that you East coast guys have.

    Word to the wise, keep yourself and men Hydrated.
  6. We are still doing 5-6 service calls a day. I have new installs lined up starting the first week of September through the end of October.
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    More or less used to it given I grew up in the Northeast. It seems to me working at near or over 100 F pretty much doubles the time. 4 hours of work feels like 8-10. Funny thing is my schedule puts me outside at the hottest part of the day, now ain't that smart. Heat exhaustion and headaches are common place.
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    Same way here heat index is 110 all this week. We have been starting at 6 am and quitting about 2.

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