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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Buck_wheat, Oct 29, 2010.

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    One of my guys did a repair the other day to the drip line, and some corrugated pipe from the down spouts that was damaged by a bear. The corrugated emptied out in a native area right by the drip pipe at near some trees. I've also done lighting repairs due to bear damage.
  2. The grizzlies here chased all the Wimpy poly chewing black bears south. If a grizzly kills a human here defending her cubs she gets off scot free. No arrest. No grand jury. She does get tagged and if she attacks another human she's dead. No arrest. No trial.
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    they don't deport them? :p
  4. They exceed the airline seat allowance so its more cost effective to feed them to buzzards.
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    Sometimes the customer is the hack. I had a small install where a narrow side yard was going to work with a fairly pedestrian triangular head spacing. But then, it happened that a pile of rocks was in the way, and I had no intention to move the pile so I could install heads and pipe. The homeowner never moved them, as promised, so I wound up doing a clumsy layout of side-strip heads, that still got it done, but I was kind of ticked, and managed to part ways with the client.

    Close to a decade later, the rocks still haven't budged an inch. :)

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    Only hacks listen to client's wishes. :hammerhead:
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    It covered. I got paid. The clients did a few more things that convinced me that two more big rocks were atop their shoulders. Glad I'm out of there. Even with time and material, there's only so much stupid you can tolerate.
  8. Weird that you felt the need to make the pic look like Father Knows Best house.
    good weird but still weird...
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    Even idiots deserve some privacy, so what you don't see are some telltale details. Image courtesy of the GIMP program in Ubuntu.
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    I have no pic,but,a few days ago,I watched a guy on youtube who was replacing his sprinkler wire because the old had deteriorated. The broken down wire he was using was thermostat wite. :confused:

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