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  1. CSMidwest

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    Hey guys,

    Wondering if anyone had any ideas or could help me out. I've called every nursery and tree farm I can find that seems to be close enough to Miramar, and Lighthouse Point, FL, but I cannot get the trees I need. I need to get a 20ft Tall Washington Palm, and another Palm replaced. We cannot handle trees that size ourselves or it would have already been done. There is a deadline from the city for Lighthouse Point for the 11th. I had one guy that was meant to do the Miramar job for me last month, and was interested in doing the other, but as of yet, nothing I'm at my wits end. Anyone here deal with a reputable company in FL that can offer larger trees??

  2. FSully

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    Call Doug at The Palm House

    He has 2 locations one in Lake Worth and one in Melbourne, between the 2 he might have a few.
  3. CSMidwest

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    Well, thats a no go. They didnt have any large enough. Anyone else have any ideas? The city is already fining the for the tree needed in Lighthouse Point. :dizzy:
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    Try calling Dee Oaks Nursery, John Lawton. He does a lot of brokering and he may Know of someone who can help you. 863-494-3444

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