HELP > Nerve Damage Symptoms from RedMax BCZ2460S String Trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by diyer999, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Here's more you can do to help alleviate symptoms and even heal yourself of the problem. I've healed carpel tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and alleviated thoracic outlet syndrome with this therapy.

    Get yourself a gyro exercise ball. Power Ball or Dyna-Bee are a couple brand names. These syndromes and nerve conditions or nerve impingements are repetitive use injuries. When you keep working a joint in one back and forth motion, or subject a joint to much vibration while in a limited range of motion, such as we do daily, and neglect to work and build the stabilizer muscles that surround and help protect the joint from injury, you open yourself up to repetitive use injuries. Stabilizing the joint, allows the parts to align properly and track right. When things don't track right you get cartilage rubbing, or even bone on bone once the cartilage is eroded away, swelling of and damage to the sheaths that tendons ride in, inflammation, and things like the carpel and cubital tunnel swell and press on the nerve, etc. When tracking right as it was made to do, if the joint is well supported, with no laxity in it, you have lubricated parts that are meant to glide on each other taking the strain better.

    Do yourself a favor and get a gyro ball exerciser, use it for at least two weeks and you will see the difference, and experience some improvement. Your grip strength will improve, pain and numbness will subside, and you should be able to protect yourself from further injury. As well, work on your core strength. Core strength is vital for protecting your extremities from injury believe it or not. It's the ole knee bone connected to the thigh bone thing. Everything is connected and relates to everything else. Keep good posture while trimming, and also stay well hydrated to help prevent this from worsening.

    I would suggest getting a shorter trimmer too. Redmax trimmers are longer than many others and cause all but a taller person to have to hold them a bit higher in most situations, which strains and stresses the thoracic outlet whre your nerves that serve the arms exit the spinal column. That can lead to imflammation which pinches the nerves leading down the arm to the hand.

    Other therapy that will help is exercising on a speed bag. That will build supporting muscles and help stabilize the thoracic outlet area as well as the arm's shoulder, elbow and hand joints. There are exercises you can do with the Power Ball that will also work those muscles and strengthen the support of arm joints. Look up thoracic outlet and find some of the prescribed therapy stretches and exercises for that. This will all lend toward improving joint stability, reduce joint laxity, improving strength and support throughout your full range of motion in the joints affected, and in turn lessen the repetitive injury risk from the rubbing created by misalignment of the gliding parts of the joint.
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    The ergonomics of a string trimmer leave a lot to be desired. I'd like to see a multi stage trigger lock. Or even a cruise control setup common on handheld blowers. Many of the positions I find myself holding a trimmer are less than ideal for holding the trigger.

    I'm curious, are most of your vibration sensitivity (for lack of a better term) in the d handle or the "trigger" hand? Is it better or worse with a padded or damped grip? (Echo spongy grips, Redmax rubber, or hard plastic like many Stihl and Husqvarna?
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    Cruise control, now there's a good idea. I see that on some blowers. I'd like to loosen my throttle cable so I can lock into a given rpm easier, trigger is too touchy.

    My trigger hand is what suffered from the vibrations.

    Btw, I saw a guy offer his new 2460S for $200 before I got mine. Now I know why. Its a POS! Husqvarna ruined the RedMax product excellence. I so hope that Komatsu-Zenoah can buy themselves back from that ******* incompetent Swedish Vacuum Cleaner manufacturer.
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    Core strength, that's very good advice.

    RecMax is longer and causes issues: That's unexpected. A few posts ago, a guy said he was having a problem because his trimmer was too short and gave him back problems from too much bending. Most all, if not all String Trimmers have 60" shafts. Tanaka has one model with a 71" shaft
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    You may be mad about your issues with your hand right now and that's understandable, but at least get your facts straight. Husky makes excellent products and there are a ton of guys here who swear by them, not at them. On top of that Husky has nothing to do with Electrolux, and hasn't for quite a while now. More than that, Husky owns Redmax, but Redmax makes most of the yard care hand held equipment for both brand name lines, and as a subsidiary company they call their own shots.
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    I was waiting for that one from you -- I know you got that big Husqy blower and will defend them. I just think that Husqy needed Komatsu-Zenoah [or is that Komatsu-Zenoah], far more than they needed Husqy. I have to say this too, while on the Husqy subject. I can get in touch with customer service at Echo, Shindaiwa, Kawasaki, Maruyama, Stihl, Tanaka, far more easier than Husqvarna. And customer service for RedMax is non-existent, only dealers get thru. There isnt even a telephone number for them. Christ, they want you to go to some "answerarmy" website and type in the problem. YOU may be defending them, but there are many dealers cursing them. Yours is just one mans opinion, same as mine. And they do not care either way.

    Yes, they do make "some" good products -- but that's true about all brand names -- and THAT can change in a heartbeat -- nothing lasts forever!
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    No, I'm not defending them because I have that blower LOL. Not everything from any company is perfect, but I buy their stuff more and more these days to replace other brands when they wear out because they offer the performance I want/need, and/or have features I like. For instance, I bought the Husky 570 instead of the RM 7500 which is the exact same blower, but the Husky has much better shoulder straps by far, while the RM has a better tube mounted throttle handle IMO, but the comfort outweighed the throttle issue. I run about half Stihl and half Husky/Jonsered hand held tools, which all totaled is quite a few pieces for a one man operation. I'll buy almost any brand though if they have something that I like or want. I'm not loyal to any company, nor do I owe any of them anything. As a matter of fact, I am seriously thinking about buying a Shindy 802 while they are having their fleet week discount pricing to have as a back-up big BP.

    I agree, things can change in a hurry. Companies get bought and sold these days at the drop of a hat. The EPA has been the biggest and worst change of all for our industry IMO.
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    I heard good things about the Husqy 223, or 323 or 326 models. Never owned one so I cant say for sure. I have seen this kind of thing happen to other tools. Once they reach their pinnacle the US Pig lawyers, the EPA, start dictating to the engineers how to make tools, and the products are never the same and then what happens next is guys start looking for the old classics and dont even want to buy the new stuff any longer. Its like some inevitable cycle. If it aint broke done fix it doesnt seem to apply to this industry. When they make a great model it never stays around for long. The law forces them to change it. So, perhaps, you should find a Shinny like you had and have it rebuilt. ;)
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    I've still got the shinny. thought it didn't have spark, but found out it does, when I tried it with the plug out, I could see spark from the coil to the cylinder, but when I screwed it in, it didn't spark there. Just a bit mystified. (Sorry off topic) am planning on getting it running again. Thanks!
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    Husky desperately needed RedMax's 2-stroke engines as their handheld 2-strokes were lousy. It was cheaper to buy RedMax than for Husky to start from scratch developing their own. It's no secret that RedMax's strato-engines were highly coveted by a number of brand names in the past. My local dealer has been watching the RedMax line closely since Husky got them. In the past RedMax has been their #1 line by far over all other brands of commercial hand-helds but he'll drop them like a bad habit if they go south in quality. The only problem is that commercial equipment makers are getting sold more than you can keep up with. What was good yesterday can go to crap today. My only RedMax trimmer is a BCZ2600 and it's going on 7yrs old. It's been a trouble-free beast of a trimmer. Not even a spark plug so far. The only post-Husky takeover RedMax I own is a 7500 blower. So far so good with it.

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