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    I have been looking at Hustler Mowers for 3-4 years now. A little about my mowing situation.

    I am a homeowner with 3-4 acres of some open, some wooded land with some grades to 22 degrees. I live at 8,000 feet elevation.

    After reading many posts I am convinced I need a 60" Super Z.

    I am thinking of buying a USED Year 2001 Hustler Super Z with a 60" deck, a 25 HP Kawasaki engine with 529 hours on it. It includes the BAC-VAC system. It has been very well maintained and appears in excellent shape. No major repairs.

    I would like to get opinions on what the value of this used unit should be.
    What is your opinion of a fair price for both buyer and seller.
    Any issues with this model I should be aware of ?

    Thanks! HP Mower
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    No issues to be worried about.
    As for the value... that unit new with the Bac-Vac would run you over 10K @ MSRP, a bit less from your dealer with a deal... hard to say, all is going to depend on the condition of the unit and how badly the guy wants to sell it.


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