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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bike5200, May 14, 2008.

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    A friend of mine that mows, said he was going to a four day week, 12 hours a day for his mowing crew.They work a little over time each day to get done. One less day driving to jobs. His shop is out, they probably have a 30-45-60 minute drive to the first stop. A majority of his mowing is commercial and the developer he work for just calls him up and tells him to do a new building and send him a bill. Let me add this, my friend will fax a invoice at 8:00 AM at the end of the month to the develop and will go by his office at 1:00PM and pick a check up. He does mowing, landscaping, snow removal and property up keep. A monthly bill can be 10 to 50 thousand dollars. My friend watches what he charges the developer. He has a fuel surcharge on all his jobs, pricing is the same. I added this information so you will know my friend situation.
    My question is. Will he save or make more money on a four day work week?
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    Im trying to do the same thing. If my guys show up in the morning load the trailer grab a coffee and fuel up before the first lawn, longer hours and less days saves money. I give my guys a lunch break for the most part. Sometimes it grabbing some food and eating on the way to a lawn but less days = less piddling around.

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