how about a old cheap SCHHOL BUS as a TRAILER

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by eftob, May 19, 2002.

  1. eftob

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    I WAS THINK ABOUT GET A SCHOOL BUS AND TAKE THE SEATS OUT HOW DO YOU THINK THAT WOULD WORK EMAIL ME tell me what you think i do not care what you say someone already called me a crackhead
  2. KDJ

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  3. scottb

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    Laugh at him all you want but we hvae a guy in Mooresville that uses a school bus as a moble machine shop,sharpens blades, welds,general fix it stuff. If you can manuver it and make it look profesional go for it.
  4. you have got to be kidding Is this thread real
  5. cos

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    I would say that it sits up too high. It would look really silly. For the extra money, buy a enclosed trailer.
  6. I don't know- Maybe paint it green and go for it. Sure enough you'll get attention and everybody is going to know who you are.
  7. Andy Miller

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    I drive a school bus. They are too big, too heavy, require a CDL to drive, and where do you plan to park them? My customers do not want too see a bus in front of their house. They also require at least 3 to 4 parking spaces. Our school district just sold 6 old bus for $6000. Why, because of the expensive upkeep. Did I forget the 5 mpg. No way, give my a trailer.
  8. several years ago there was a article in Pro magazine about a company in Louisville, Ky. that had a bus and modified it for his company's use, looked good and worked for him.
  9. leprechaun_50

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    I'm not saying this to put you down, but I think it would look
    like the Beverly Hillbillies were coming to town.
  10. Vibe Ray

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