How many BAT's are there?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mike Leary, Jun 10, 2011.

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    never trust gravity - it's fickle ;)
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    Will they let you fax/e-mail the test results?
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    they have to be hand-delivered by a bonded government agent.....

    ....accompanied by a midget tossing confetti
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    We've been backflow testers for many years. My wife and I are both licensed. The Texas certification was changed to a license about 10 years ago.
    We have a very wide range of programs by water purveyors in our area. Some don't care at all and some take the backflow program to an extreme.
    Each city/water purveyor has their own registration method, their own form, their own rules on where, when and how a report is submitted.
    Registration fees range from $0 - $100/yr
    Some cities you have to buy and use their form. Every city has a different form. We deal with 50 - 60 cities.
    The completed form submission rules vary from -
    -leave it with the device
    -turn it in to the office where you registered
    -turn it into a different city office
    -mail/fax the form
    We always leave a copy with the customer.
    Some cities charge a fee when you submit the completed test form ($25 - $35)
    There is one town that is so extreme that if you make three mistakes on the form (typo's, transposing numbers, St instead of Dr, misspell, wrong phone number), they don't tell you or give you the opportunity to fix it, they just record the error. Then if you get three of those errors, they suspend you and you can no longer test in their city for six months.

    Because of the registration and permit fees, we work with other testers, so we don't have to register in every town.

    Testing fees charged by testers in our area range from $25 to $150 per device.

    In our area, doublechecks have been used for years, below grade. The trend of cities/water purveyors now is moving toward using R/P's, especially in the commercial jobs that we've done recently.
  5. Are the R/Ps being installed above grade?
  6. Mike Leary

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    Our purveyor originally permitted faxes, but nixed it when he could not read most of the serial numbers. Russ has his tests on a Excel sheet and it makes billing real slick. Our water district has a Canadian software that tracks tests so we were able to spot "drive-by" tests. :hammerhead:
  7. Waterlogged

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    I don't know of any city around here that allows an R/P to be installed below grade on irrigation systems. 12" above grade with adequate drainage.

    This will be new for Irrigator's in this area to put stuff above ground. It will be interesting how many will end up frozen and need to be fixed. I know the guys down south have been installing them for awhile. But we can have some pretty hard freezes around here.
  8. The smart ones will put it up by the side of the house with a heat cord. I bet you'll also see more tie ins near the house rather than close to the meter. I'd for sure check the flow to make sure the copper or line didn't get crimped. Sadly you might also see more of those tacky asvalves in manifolds.
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    we like manifolds of ASVs - very practical
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    I test a little over 1000 a year . Fun stuff
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