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how much prosecutor to mix

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JML, Jul 4, 2001.

  1. JML

    JML LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 415

    i just bought some one gallon jugs of the prosecutor from lesco. I want to spray it in the beds to kill weeds. I have never used this product before, and they don't carry round up anymore. What mixture do you think is the most effective for using this product. Thanks

  2. gr8 1

    gr8 1 LawnSite Member
    from OHIO
    Posts: 41

    rule #1 when using pesticides is.... Read the label
  3. Kent Lawns

    Kent Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
    Posts: 870

    Since he obviously doesn't know...

    ....if it's the 41% ai formulation (which I think is the only one they make) use 2-2.5 oz/gallon and spray to wet.

    Remember Prosecuter has only 1/2 the surfactant as Round-Up Pro, so adding a little spreader/sticker or dishsoap or 2,4-D Ester (If below 85 degress) will help with cuticle penetration.
  4. Kent the label states for handheld sprayers that 1/2% or 2/3 oz
    for weeds up to 6", then 1% at 1 1/3oz for weeds over 6" and
    2% or 2oz for perennials.
  5. Kent Lawns

    Kent Lawns LawnSite Senior Member
    from Midwest
    Posts: 870

    2% is 2.56 oz/gallon.

    ~Must be easier to get your license in PA.

    Like I posted: 2-2.5oz/gallon and spray to wet.

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