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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by EvandSeby, Aug 10, 2003.

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    Please give your answers to these common questions or comments my clients seem to always ask me. 1) While you are at it, would you......? 2) I give someone a price for an extra task, and when just about to start hands me the agreed upon cash/check, then adds two other small tasks. 3) Promise to clean up after the dog, and then doesn't little by little. 4) Would you cut the grass shorter....just this time. 5) I want my yard to look JUST LIKE my neighbor's!
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    #1=no. #2=i dont have time right now, but next time im here ill take care of it, then add it to the next bill. #3=i cant cut unless u clean up after the dog. its getting all over my machines, my boots, my trailer, and my next customers yard. #4=sorry, cant. this is low as the machine will go. #5=well, it looks to me that they are doing this, this, and this extra. let me check the measurements, and ill give u a price for the extra applications.
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    well said bobby!:D ;)

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