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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Jul 11, 2007.

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    Met with our Hunter Rep Sam Perez today and he took us out for lunch. Great time at Chili's and great burger. The waitress had a low-cut blouse and was VERY friendly. :)

    I asked him about the K-Rain and Orbit "PGPs" and he stated that Hunter has absolutely nothing to do with these knock-offs. He said they may look the same but the internal mechanisms are quite different. Hunter uses a 3-pin ratchet gear while the others use a 2-pin set-up.

    The MP-Rotator deal has been finalized well ahead of September. Hunter will be expanding the factory's production capabilities and Ewing will no longer have exclusive distribution rights. MP-Rotators will be available in any distribution chain that wishes to carry them shortly. Europe and Asia are clammering for it also and this worldwide goal was one of the reasons Nelson sold the MPRs to Hunter as Hunter would expand the factory and distribution.

    The MP-Rotator 4000 is supposed to be in stores early August with a 37'-40' range. Once introduced expect the PGJ to be discontinued. :)

    Expect new spray nozzles from Hunter. Main improvement is re-engineering of the nozzles (larger opening) to help prevent "suck back" of debris that sticks in the nozzle outlet and splits a spray.

    I put in my request again to have the engineers design a Pro-Spray/I-Spray that will fit into the Toro 570 bodies. Sam just winked at me and said, "Nothing's impossible." (Last time a Hunter guy winked at me was when I asked about them developing a rotary sprinkler. They knew the MPR deal was in the works.)

    Leo and I also got some new swell-looking Hunter ball caps. :laugh:
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    Sounds great to me. I've been swithcing over to using entirely Hunter products recently.

    Do you know if the MP-R 4000 is going to be a screw in nozzle like the other MPRotators or does it have its own body?
  3. The one tidbit I am most happy about is the expansion of the MP rotator distribution network. For the life of me Purp (wink and all) I can't see them making a head that will go inside the 570.
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    Don't hold me to it but I believe it will be the same as the others.
  5. PurpHaze

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    Who knows? I brought up about the Rainbird rotor that fits into the Hunter PGP body so it's not impossible... especially when Hunter has its own machine shop to make its molds and its own molding machines. Those guys in the machine shop are something... to see exactly what they can do is amazing.
  6. I talked to the Hunter Rep in my area about a 18" pop-up.
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    Never know. Hunter is very interested in what we're doing out in the field. I imagine if there's a big enough request/need/market for it they'll develop it.
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    Forgot this tidbit... Sam said that when Dick Hunter got the final word on the MPR deal he called all the managers in, shut down the plant, catered lunch for all the employees under the shade trees in Hunter Park and popped some champagne for everyone. Sam said this was a big deal because there's usually never any alcohol on the Hunter campus at any of their activities.
  9. Hunter Reps do a good job. I know my Hunter Rep. I don't know any of the others and I'm a RB user mainly but I'm finding reasons to use Hunter. The Dallas Irrigation Association is doing a donated sprinkler system at the Dallas Arboretum to show smart irrigation and Hunter is donating the Institutional 12" popups and maybe the MP Rotators. To be fair RB is donating the ET Manager and waiving the monthly fee.
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    It's good to see manufacturers get involved in projects like this. If done right they'll get the implied advertising from it.

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